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In the modern United States, 67% of agricultural products produce 69 thousand large commodity farms (36% of the total number of farms). 26 thousand (14% of the total) of farms produce products for $ 1 million or more, which in general makes up 42% of agricultural products and 42% of land areas. Small farms, which produce 1.5% of production on 14% of land, make up 50% of the total number of farms.

If you want your farm to produce high yields, you need to learn new effective methods of farming, growing vegetables and fruits, cultivating and fertilizing the land. Find usefull farming tips and articles at Farming Articles List. In addition, if you want to know the news from other farms, you should follow the farming news on our site.

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All agricultural news we have collected in a separate section of the site for your convenience. If you are looking for information about agriculture, you can follow the link Agriculture Info.

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If you are interested in gardening than Gardening Articles List is for you. In addition, if you want to know gardening news you should follow the gardening news on our site.

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Ornamental gardening aimed at growing flowering plants is called floriculture. Articles about flowers and the cultivation of flowers you can find here: Floriculture Articles List.

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