Organic Products Cultivation

Eco Farming

Organic Products Cultivation

Organic products are becoming more popular, and ecological farming has become a real mainstream. Such products cost a lot of money and are good for health. In cities, entire boutiques are opening up with such products. Let"s see together how to grow such products on your site.

Ecological agriculture

It should immediately be said that the crops harvested by such methods are much lower than normal crops, hence the high price. And, of course, you will have to spend more time and energy in the care of such a crop. After all, when growing organic products, it is strictly forbidden to use any chemicals, herbicides. Everything has to be done manually. But that"s all, it is more than worth the high demand for such products. Environmentally friendly products are most popular in developed countries: the United States, European Union countries. All this is pushing for the development of agriculture in the third world countries. Where labor is not so highly paid, which significantly knocks down the price of such products.

Organic Products Cultivation

And although in this industry the latest developments in the chemical industry are not used, eco-farming is an advanced branch in agriculture. And, if you do not want to keep up with global trends, you should pay attention to it.

In traditional farming, weed control has been reduced to the use of chemicals, and artificial fertilizers have become the key to high yields and low costs. All this adversely affects the flora and fauna of the fields, and nearby areas.

But if you correctly approach this issue, you can turn animals and plants into your allies and do without harmful chemicals.

Until the 20th century, all agriculture was environmentally friendly, but with the beginning of the industrial era, field chemicals became a common occurrence, which adversely affected people"s health and the environmental situation in the world. Of course, all this made it possible to increase yields and avoid a food disaster, because the population of the planet began to grow at a doubled or even tripled speed. Now, ecological products cannot provide the population of the entire planet with food, but it is quite possible to grow them for yourself or for sale.

organic farm

Pest control in ecological farming

Instead of herbicides, for pest control, their natural enemies, birds, small rodents are used. To do this, you can small, trial plot, enclose shrubs. On the farm, leave tall trees on them will nest blackbirds. Slavki and forest Tynovki settle in the thickets of blackberry and blackthorn. Leaving small bushes on the site, you lure small rodents, which in small quantities will be good allies in the fight against pests.

Meadows perform a double function, you can graze cattle on them, make stocks of hay for the winter, and also, the hawthorn and primrose, which will surely grow on your meadow, with moderate grazing and proper mowing, lure butterflies. That in turn will improve the ecosystem of the site.

More and more farmers are switching to a sparing mode of agriculture. After all, new technologies are increasingly exhausting the soil, which makes its further use difficult. Environmentally friendly products will require more time and labor from you, but they will pay off with great value due to high prices and the demand for such products, and of course do not forget about the benefits of such food.

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