The pepper varieties

The pepper varieties

The pepper varieties

Before you will plant the pepper you need to decide what kind of pepper to choose from the variety. And your choice will be dependent from not only of your taste preferences but also based on the appointment of the future fruits. So if you intend to consume peppers mainly in the fresh form it is better to give preference to thicker and large-bodied varieties as for example: “California miracle”, “Gladiator”, “Winnie the Pooh” or “Gift of Moldova”. If the main purpose of getting the pepper is conservation then it is better to choose small-fruited varieties belonging to the "Siberian" series such as the following: "Merchant", "Ermak", "Victoria" and others.


“Ermak” is one of the rarest varieties of pepper. The fruits of this type of pepper ripe early and amicably. After the first harvest the pepper of the variety "Ermak" blossoms again and gives the good second crop. It has the very large fruit the approximate mass of which reaches two hundred and fifty grams each. The yield of this type of variety is around twelve up to fifteen kilograms per square meter.


It is the mid-late Dutch variety with the large bright yellow fruits. It is delicious and has thick flesh inside. The thickness of the walls of the fruit reaches up to thirteen millimeters. The weight of individual fruits reaches 380-400 grams and the yield is from ten up to twelve kilograms per square meter.


It is the early-ripening variety distinguished by extended fruit bearing. It constantly blooms and forms the new ovaries. The fruits of the “Medal” variety are rather large and can reach up to one hundred and fifty grams per one fruit. The fruits have bright red color with the wall thickness of about eight up to thirteen millimeters. The productivity of the “Medal” variety reaches sixteen kilograms per one square meter.


It is the one of the fastest-growing varieties. It takes about 95-100 days from the emergence to technical ripeness of “Yova” variety. It is very fertile, juicy and thick-walled type of pepper. You can get the yield of up to fourteen kilograms from one square meter. The mass of some of its fruits exceeds two hundred and fifty grams. It is unpretentious to weather conditions and gives excellent crops even on heavy soils.

California miracle

The variety of “California miracle” is medium-early. The weight of the fruit can be reached up to four hundred grams. The wall thickness is up to twelve millimeters.

The Black Cardinal

This type of the pepper refers to the late Italian varieties. It has unusually beautiful black-violet color of fruits passing into the red color in biological ripeness. You can get ten kilograms from one square meter of crop.


This variety of the pepper is medium-early. The weight of the fruits are relatively small. It can reach up to one hundred and ten grams. The fruits have cone-shaped, slightly ribbed with the length of about seven up to thirteen centimeters long structure. You can get the yield of this type of pepper about nine up to ten kilograms per one square meter.

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