Combine-Harvester John Deere 7550

John Deere 7550

Combine-Harvester John Deere 7550

Combine-Harvester John Deere 7550

At present, competition in agriculture is becoming increasingly fierce, and if you do not want to drop out of it and compete with other large farms, you need to think about purchasing new, reliable agricultural equipment. And besides the traditional tractor, you need to think about a more functional and expensive machine, powerful and very productive. In this article we will look at the technical characteristics of the John Deere 7550 combine and find out its cost, such an apparatus will solve a whole range of tasks with which others will cope with great difficulty, or they will not cope at all.

John Deere 7550 is a universal combine. You can solve a whole range of problems in your field with it. Models of this brand have always been distinguished by their quality and reliability, it will help you solve the problem of preparing fodder. If you have a really big farm, fields, then without such a machine you will work very hard.

If you decide to buy this unit - it will allow you to solve the problem of grinding feed, thanks to a special grinding machine, with a diverse number of knives (40, 48 and 56 knives), it also has a corn grain chopper, headers, pickers, a full set of functions will need a modern farmer.

Harvester John Deere 7550

  • Using it, you will be able to harvest grass, pickers will help you with this, of which there are three types of 630B, 640V and 645V, with a working width of 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5 m, respectively.
  • If you are interested in harvesting feed grains, then here it will be very useful, for this you need to install a grain header 600R.
  • There are several types of reapers, they differ in width, there are models in width: 4.3 m; 4.6 m; 5.5 m and 6.1 m
  • It will be important to learn that the combines of this series have a powerful and reliable engine.
Harvester John Deere 7550 corn

The main advantage of this combine harvester is its technical characteristics. Thus, the engine capacity is 13 liters, power 600 kW. The tank holds 1100 liters of fuel. Machine weight is 11,580 kg. The roll of a grinder is 683/610 mm, its speed of a turn makes 1150 revolutions per minute. If you decide to buy it, then you will have to prepare a bag of approximately 250,000 - 290,000 USD, for a device issued in 2012.

And so in the end, we have a very reliable and powerful unit that will allow you to solve almost all the problems that arise in front of the modern farmer. Of course, you can buy cheaper analogues, the choice is yours, based on your needs and budget.

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