10 Basic Principles of Profitable Calf Rearing

Profitable Calf Rearing

Calf rearing is a very profitable business. This business can give more profit if, following ten points are followed.

1. Selection of calf

For a good profitable business it is very important to purchase good quality calves. A good calf must have following qualities.

  • Minimum average weight should not exceed from 40 kg
  • Avoid twins or sick calves
  • Average age should not exceed of 5 days
  • Naval cord must be dry and clean
  • Calves should be active and bright

2. Colostrums

For the best health of calf it is important to give it 4 liters of colostrums after the birth.

3. Entry into barn

Followings points should be followed;

  • Must check health conditions
  • While transporting it is important to cover vehicle with weather resistant sheet. Make the floor clean and cover it with about 100mm of bark or straw net.
  • Assure iodine spray in vehicle
  • When enter into barn, allow the calves to take rest for next move.
  • Provide electrolytes as a food for next 12 hours after the birth.

4. Pen size

Following few important points should be followed

  • Provide 1.5 to 2.5 sq. meters for each calf
  • Maximum 10 calves in a pen
  • Maximum 100 calves per barn
  • Do not mix new calves and old calves

5. Shelter for calves

  • Calves should be sheltered in dry and drought free place for at least 3 weeks
  • Floor should be covered with clay or sand and there should be a slope for drainage
  • Use straws and bark at least 200mm down
  • Do not allow bird into the shelter of calves to avoid spread of diseases
  • Avoid supply of water in barn and at feeding areas

6. Ventilation and drainage

  • There is a very strong need of good ventilation for exhaustion of gases
  • An adjustable ventilation is required
  • Good drainage system helps in resisting water borne diseases

7. Feeding schedule

  • There is a need of milk to every calf. Usually 10% of the body weight i.e. if calf is of 40 kg, it needs 4 liters milk per day
  • Use Calf Milk Replaces (CMR) and mix recommended amount of contents as mentioned on the milk bag.

8. Milk and milk feeders

feeding Calfs

  • Feed good quality milk to young calves at least twice a day.
  • Milk and other food should be at warm temperature of about 40 degree centigrade

9. Concentrates and roughage

feeding Calfs Concentrates and roughage

  • Provide fresh and clean water
  • Give supplementsin food for at least a month

10. Animal Health

It is very important to clean the place of calves. All the utensils, in which calves are feed, should be clean. For good health of calves it is very important to make the place very clean and with a good drainage system.

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