I Am Thinking About Starting an Organic Dairy Farm

I Am Thinking About Starting an Organic Dairy Farm

I  just cant get rid of the idea of starting an organic dairy farm. If you own a piece of land where you can grow cattle feed, this is an excellent business opportunity for you. Having worked in dairy industry(Milk Collection/Procurement), I know the ins and outs of this business like back of my hand.

Now that I have a steady income, I think I can inject the required capital to start the dairy farm. My wife does not think it is a cool idea. but my brothers and father are very supportive. They are even ready to make it a family business and help me in day to day operation of the farm.

I do have an excellent piece of land that is ideally situated near a major highway. It is by all means ideal for the any farm related business. It is within 100 KM range of 5 major cities. Cities need farm produce to survive.

People will never stop using basic necessities like milk, butter, cream, meat, chicken, beef, eggs, flour, vegetables etc. Prices are good and demand is already there.

Beef is currently selling at 6000 Rs. per 40kg at wholesale. Milk price is around 35 40 Rs. per litter at farm door step.

I have to figure out few things though.

  1. Design and Cost of Farm
  2. Farm Capacity
  3. Operating Costs
  4. Hiring of Staff
  5. Veterinary Doctors Appointments
  6. Purchase of Cattle
  7. Proper Accounting and Management System for Dairy Farm

I also should visit other farms and interview some farmers in nearby area. This will help me do proper planning and costing for the new business. Leave me a comment about what do you think about this idea.

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