Recommendations for beginner poultry farmers

Recommendations for beginner poultry farmers

Recommendations for beginner poultry farmers

Interested in domestic poultry farming? Got even a small lot for this purpose? Rational decision! After all, today this activity may even become a source of additional income.

Practical tips for poultry farmers

Of course, before proceeding to the breeding of birds, it is necessary to draw up a detailed plan and decide on the main tasks. Some poultry farmers breed chickens, because they want to get the maximum number of eggs, which, perhaps, then sell. Others are more interested in poultry meat.

In any case, in order for the result to meet the expectations, the following nuances should be taken into account, namely:

  • decide where the chickens will be located;
  • take care of poultry house ventilation and other conditions for keeping individuals;
  • choose a breed of chickens;
  • provide chickens with a comfortable microclimate and temperature conditions;
  • take care of optimal lighting;
  • choose the right diet for individuals in advance;
  • provide ongoing care for chickens.

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The health and condition of the birds directly depends on their owner and proper care. Therefore, we should not neglect the main "commandments" of the poultry industry, which should include the following factors:

  • the presence of a dry and warm house;
  • walking, that is, sufficient holding of birds in the air;
  • balanced diet;
  • prevention and timely treatment of diseases;
  • the introduction of additional food additives in the feed.

Of course, this list goes on. It should be noted that the conditions of housing and breeding of birds may differ slightly, which is associated with the characteristics of the breed of chickens.

The subtleties of breeding chickens have other differences - they are associated with seasonality. After all, with the onset of autumn, the owner must insulate the hen house. Therefore, on the floor should lay a straw or sawdust. In some regions, very cold and frosty winters, and this is a sure sign that you need to increase the number of lamps. They will additionally emit light and, of course, heat.

Summer is the time for preventive and hygienic work both for the chicken coop itself and for the birds. Indeed, during this period, pathogenic microbes, fleas and other parasites spread.

Undoubtedly, the features of breeding chickens at home for beginners will be of interest to even experienced poultry farmers. Practical advice and recommendations from experts with years of experience will never be superfluous. Many of them switched to their own products and appreciated the taste of fresh eggs and dietary meat. And what could be better and more useful?!

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